On the 13th of March, 2017 (a Monday), a concert titled – Music For the Millions (樂韻播萬千) was organised and performed for students from Primary 3 – 5 by the Music Office Brass and Woodwinds Orchestra and was performed in our School Hall.
An excellent introduction by the MC from the Music Office successfully captured our students’ attention before about 30 musicians performed classical music. Characteristics of different instruments were highlighted and then demonstrated by musicians so that students could learn more.     
All in all, the whole occasion was such a pleasure to watch and just to add, not only could the students listen to the energetic and powerful theme song performed by the orchestra, the conductor and the MC gave our students the wonderful opportunity to let our students sing the concert theme song in Chinese.

The lasting memory the students took away was one they will remember for a long time. They all wish to have another chance to watch the music performance again.